Pretty Ideas For Blending Landscaping With Garden Gates


A garden gate is an inviting element. While it's true a closed gate keeps people out, a decorative garden gate can welcome visitors. Garden gates naturally lend themselves to blending with the surrounding landscaping. Let your garden gate stand as a focal point in your landscape design:

Picket Gate

A white picket fence with a matching gate is a classic front yard structure. While wooden picket is traditional, many homeowners are opting for vinyl constructions. As the Landscaping Network points out, vinyl is impervious to rot yet can mimic the look of picket.

Either way, colorful flowers planted at the corners of the corners of the gate make a beautiful contrast. Look for flowers with bright, showy blooms so they create the maximum contrast.

Arbor-Covered Gate

Picket and other styles of gates are often combined with an arbor. This makes your garden gate even more of a focal point since it creates a more solid structure. An arbor is ideal for covering in climber plants.

You have numerous options for climber plants to cover your arbor. Climbing roses are classic. Ivy presents a more formal profile. You can choose other flowers, such as clematis, passion flower, morning glory, or trumpet vine. If you want fragrance, consider jasmine, honeysuckle, or sweet pea.

Wrought Iron Gate

Wrought iron gates are decorative all on their own. They can be sleekly modern or ornately historic. You can even choose a wrought iron that's been gate powder coated in different colors.

Being a naturally hard material, wrought iron affords you opportunities for contrasting with your landscaping. Consider creating a lush backdrop for the other side of your gate. Look for plants with large leaves and flowers with soft-looking blooms. By contrasting these colors and textures, you highlight the industrial beauty of your wrought iron gate.

Rustic Gate

Some gates are charmingly rustic. They may look like tree limbs barely being held together to form a gate. Such a gate can provide another opportunity for creating contrast.

In this case, consider countering the rough-hewn look of your gate with dainty and delicate plants. For example, you could flank the gate posts with soft-looking greenery such as lady's mantle or lamb's ear. On the other side of the gate, you could plant dainty flowers such as speedwell, lungwort, dianthus, and cranesbill. Plant densely so the dainty plants stand up to the look of the rugged wooden gate.

Create a charming tableau by incorporating landscape design with your garden gate.


27 July 2017

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