3 Tips For Adding Mechanical Systems To Outdoor Living Space Designs


If you want to make the most out of your outdoor space, you will want to do renovations to make it more livable space. This also means that you are going to need some mechanical installations, which may include lighting, cables and heating solutions. Here are some tips that will help with the mechanical systems in the design of your outdoor living space:

1. Cabling for Audio and Internet Solutions Outdoors

If you want to make your outdoor space more livable, then you may want to consider things like audio, Internet and video. Talk with the landscaping design service about different options for outdoor speakers, which can even be disguised as rocks and other landscaping materials in the design. For Internet and video, you will want to have protected outdoor outlets and conduits installed to run cables, as well as to allow for future upgrades and improvements that you may plan on doing.

2. Choosing A Type of Patio Heater for All Year Outdoor Enjoyment

Most outdoor living spaces are only enjoyable the warmest months of the year because they are not heated. Patio heaters give you many options for heating your outdoor space, so you will be able to enjoy it all year. If you are only heating a small open space, consider portable propane patio heaters, which can be stored away when you do not need them but cost more to operate. For enclosed or larger spaces, consider permanent fixtures, which can be mounted on the ground, walls or ceilings of enclosures, and are also cheaper to operate than portable heaters. A landscape design service will be able to help with choosing the right type of heating for your outdoor space.

3. Lighting and Electrical Design to Make Outdoor Space More Livable

Lighting and electrical design is another important factor that you will want to consider for your outdoor living space. The electrical outlets will need to be outdoor GCFI outlets, which have a built-in type of circuit breaker. You may also want to consider features like USB charging ports for outdoor outlets. For lighting, consider different options for LED and solar energy to make your outdoor living space more energy-efficient.

These are some tips that will help with the design of your outdoor living space and the mechanical needs. If you are ready to makeover your outdoor space, contact a landscaping design service and talk with them about some of these solutions for the mechanical needs outdoors. 


5 December 2017

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