Tips To Keep Your Landscaping Looking Great


If you are like many other individuals, you may be unsure of the steps that should be taken to keep your yard and landscaping looking its best. Considering the important role that this can play on the value of your home, it is important to make sure that you are following all of the steps that are necessary to keep your yard in good condition.

Keep Any Fountains Or Ponds Maintained

Many homeowners will enjoy having fountains or ponds on their property. While these features can add character and class to your landscape design, they will also require substantial amounts of maintenance to keep them in good condition. When you fail to adequately care for these features, you could find that they may rapidly start to deteriorate and serve as a breeding ground for insects. For these reasons, you should regularly clean any water features and conduct water quality tests to determine whether chlorine or other substances need to be added to it.

Avoid Adding Fertilizer Until You Conduct Soil Testing

You might find yourself tempted to add fertilizer whenever you notice your plants are having difficulty growing. However, this can be a serious mistake to make. There are any number of reasons why your plants may be encountering health issues, and adding too much fertilizer to the soil can severely worsen the health problems that the plants are experiencing because it can damage their roots.

Be Mindful Of The Grass That You Add To Your Property

You may find that you want to add more grass to your property. Whether this is to radically change the appearance of your property or to simply add grass to bald areas of the lawn, it is important to carefully balance the needs of any potential plants with the conditions that can be found in your yard. Failing to balance these needs will lead to instances where the plants that you add to the property may struggle to survive. Fortunately, most sod providers will be able to give you ample information about the needs of the types of grass that they sell, and they may even be able to visit your property to determine the ideal type of grass for your soil.

Address Any Drainage Issues That May Be Present

Soil drainage problems are among the most common reasons for a homeowner's landscaping to struggle. When the soil is unable to effectively drain, it could cause the roots of your plants to rot. Luckily, there are many different types of drains that you can use to improve the flow of water around your property. You can contact companies like Esposito's Landscaping & Lawn Care for more information.


26 June 2018

Understanding Landscaping Planning

About a year ago, I realized that part of the reason the plants in my yard kept dying was the fact that they were planted in the wrong places. I didn't pay much attention to which plants needed certain amounts of light, and it was costing them their lives. Several of the plants were really struggling to live, and it was really hard to see. I realized that if I ever wanted to make things right, I would need to create a landscaping plan that would work well for the natural landscape of my yard. This blog is all about understanding landscaping.