Do You Have Dogs And Are Planning Landscaping? Install Artificial Turf To Keep Lawn Looking Healthy


If your flowers and plants look beautiful but your grass does not look healthy, this will take away from the beauty of your landscaping. One thing that can cause problems with grass is dogs. Because you have dogs, this escalates the number of problems you may have with your grass. One common problem is due to dog urine. To help with this, you should install artificial turf. Below is information about what artificial turf is and how dog urine affects your lawn.

Artificial Turf

Artificial turf looks exactly like grass; no one could tell it wasn't real unless they touched it. The artificial grass is made of a man-made synthetic material. You can purchase the synthetic grass in a variety of pile heights.

The turf has a backing that is made of polyester, plastic, or jute. The grass fibers are then stitched onto the backing. Make sure to ask how many grass fibers are attached to the backing as you want an artificial turf that looks like thick and luscious grass.

The contractor will first install a drainage layer, which is generally made of compacted gravel, and fasten the layer around the perimeter. Next, a layer of recycled sand or crumbled rubber is placed over the grave or sand to keep the drainage layer in place.

The artificial grass is then placed over the gravel or sand and secured in place. The contractor will install the turf in sections at a time securing as they go.

Grass and Dog Urine

A dog's urine has a large amount of nitrogen, which is a type of fertilizer. Even though fertilizer may sound good, too much of it will kill grass or anything else it is poured on. This problem is even worse if your yard is already rich in nitrogen. When the dog urinates on the grass, it will turn yellow and will die over time. Because you have dogs, you will likely have patches of yellow grass all over your yard.

The artificial grass is installed in a way that your dogs' urine will flow through the turf into the ground below. Because of this, you should never see urine or smell it. You can rinse the turf off with a garden hose periodically if you prefer. If there are dog feces on the turf, however, clean this up quickly and then rinse the area to clean it.

Talk with a company like Proturf Landscape Solutions about replacing your grass with artificial turf.


29 November 2018

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