How To Choose The Ideal Material For Your Backyard Fence


Fences are not all made alike. Some fences are designed to be sturdy and keep out stray dogs or trespassers. Other fences are more for beautification and are designed to be mere decoration. And then there are fences that are designed to shield you from prying eyes. The choice of material is going to depend upon the reason you are getting the fence installed. If you don't take into account the reason that you are getting a fence installed, then you might end up with a fence material that is completely inappropriate for your needs. Take a look at the following ideas to consider.  


The classic wide-spaced picket fence made of wood or vinyl is not good for privacy. These look beautiful, but they won't shield you from neighbors or passersby who you don't want to see into your private space. What you need to do is get a fence styled in a large plank or stockade-style design. You can get these fences in either wood or vinyl. If you do choose to get the fence made in wood, remember that you will need to stain it if it's not pressure treated. If it is made of a pressure-treated material, it will not have to be stained. You can always paint it, but remember that paint can chip and fade. This is why many people choose vinyl.


If you're getting a fence installed as a support structure, something akin to a retaining wall, then you need to choose cement block or even stone. Alternatively, you can choose to use pressur- treated wood, but this will have to be installed with a vapor barrier between the soil and the wood. Even though the wood is pressure treated and resistant to mold and water damage, it's still advisable to line the back with a vapor-blocking fabric. Cement, stone, or pressure-treated wood that is reinforced with rebar are appropriate materials for a support fence. These can be used when you have a slopping yard and want to section it off to create a patio area.


Now consider the type of fence where wide spaced wood or vinyl slats are appropriate. If your only reason for getting a fence is for decoration purposes, then you can certainly get the traditional look of a picket fence. You won't have to worry about the fence providing privacy or supporting a hill of earth(, so you are free to get a pretty-looking picket design.

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27 July 2017

Understanding Landscaping Planning

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