How To Spot Nutrient Deficiencies In Your Lawn


Your lawn requires nutrients, which it primarily gets from the soil. Over time, the nutrients naturally available in the soil become depleted, which means that it is time to add fertilizer. Most fertilizers are labeled with amounts for "N-P-K," which are the three main elements your lawn needs to thrive. There are also a few trace nutrients included in the standard N-P-K lawn fertilizer. The following guide can help you recognize the symptoms of a specific nutrient deficiency in your lawn.

29 May 2020

Ensure That Your Backyard Synthetic Turf Offers These Attributes


When you shop for synthetic turf for your backyard, you'll want to devote considerable care to choosing a color and lushness that will work for you. These aren't the only details to assess, however. Talk to a turf salesperson to learn about the wide range of attributes that are available in synthetic turf. There are a number of attributes that should stand out to you as being desirable for residential applications, including the following three.

6 April 2020

How To Store Sod During A Delayed Installation


You are ready to put in your lawn and the sod has been delivered, but something comes up and installation must be postponed. Don't worry! Although sod can't be stored for long periods of time, you can delay installation by a day or two if absolutely necessary. Any longer and the grass will begin to die or rot. You will need to take the following steps to ensure your sod survives until installation day.

27 February 2020