Factors That Will Influence Your Price Quote For A Tree Removal


When you contact a tree service about having a tree in your yard cut down, look for a service that will give you a no-obligation quote upon visiting your location. Any reputable tree service can't automatically tell you how much it will cost to have your tree cut down, as there are several variables that can affect the price. Generally, when you call about this service, you can schedule a date and time that work for you. Then, one or more employees from the tree service will arrive at your home, assess the job, and follow up with a price quote. Here are some things that the tree service will check.

Proximity To Obstacles

Not every tree can simply be cut across the truck and felled. In many cases, obstacles around the tree will make the job more of a challenge — and certainly confirm your decision to hire a professional tree service, such as Arborcare Tree Service. For example, if the tree is close to your house or a neighbor's house or is surrounded by other trees, the tree service crew will need to remove sections of the tree one at a time. Doing so will ensure that the tree is taken down safely and without damage to anything around it.

Ease Of Access

The ability of the tree service crew to access the tree is another thing that the crew will check. This factor will affect how the crew approaches the job and what equipment it will need. For example, if your tree is at the edge of your property next to the sidewalk, the tree service may use a bucket truck and park it on the street. If the tree is significantly farther back on your property and a bucket truck won't work, the crew will need to take a different approach — and this will factor into your quote.

Job Cleanup

The tree service will also ask you about what you want in terms of having the job cleaned up. There are several options for you to consider. One option is to have the tree service take away all of the wood from the tree and leave the area tidy. Another option is to leave the tree where it sits after cutting it down, which will allow you to then cut the tree into firewood if you have a fireplace and own a chainsaw. Yet another option is to have the tree service turn the wood into chips for you. The approach that you select will impact the price quote.


29 July 2017

Understanding Landscaping Planning

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