3 Areas Of Your Yard Where Hardscaping Is Beneficial


When it comes to landscaping your yard, there are some areas where certain landscape elements work better than other landscape elements. For example, there are certain areas where hardscaping will be appropriate and will likely work better than other forms of landscaping. This article will discuss 3 areas of your yard where hardscaping can be very beneficial. 

Around Your Pool

An area where hardscaping is very important is around your pool. By creating stone work, cement work, or some other kind of hardscaping around your pool, you are able to stop different things like, grass, dirt, weeds, bugs, etc. from getting tracked into your pool. Since a pool is hard enough to maintain and keep clean as it is, most people want to do all that they can to keep it clean without doing extra work. Hardscaping also looks beautiful around a pool, especially if stones are placed around it in a beautiful pattern. Additionally, the stone work is perfect for placing lounge chairs, tables, standing umbrellas, etc, on to use while you are outside using the pool. 

Your Driveway 

Another area where hardscaping is almost essential is your driveway. There are quite a few hardscaping options when it comes to your driveway, such as gravel, pavers, asphalt, cement, etc. All of these hardscaping elements do an excellent job of providing a strong and secure place for you to drive your vehicle on. Also, you won't have to worry about these areas getting wet and unstable when it rains or snows because they will be able to keep the mud at pay and their functionality and stability will not be negatively impacted. Also, caring for your driveway is quite simple, and generally won't need nearly as much maintenance as the living portions of your landscape design. Just be sure that it is installed correctly that first time. 


If you would like to have a basketball court, tennis court, or some other kind of sports area in your yard, then hardscaping can take these areas to a whole new level. The most common types of hardscaping used for these areas is concrete because it creates a solid foundation for you, your family, and your friends to walk and run on while playling, and it is perfect for when the ball hits the ground. Generally, you will want to pour a large rectangle slab that gives you plenty of room to play whatever sport you enjoy. 

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1 August 2017

Understanding Landscaping Planning

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