Three Tips For Homeowners With Newly Installed Artificial Turf


Having artificial turf installed can be a useful option for homeowners that want to minimize the amount of work their yard requires or that have soil issues that make growing grass extremely difficult. When you have artificial turf installed, there are some basic steps that are required to keep it in good condition. Failing to follow these basic steps may result in your turf prematurely degrading.

Keep The Turf Clean

Regularly cleaning the turf is one of the most important steps that can be taken to keep it in good condition. When you clean the turf, you will be removing materials that could prevent water from evaporating away from the turf. Prolonged exposure to water can result in the turf becoming stained or rotted. To clean the turf, you should invest in a field broom that will allow you to quickly remove these materials from the turf. Ideally, you should perform this type of maintenance every few weeks throughout most of the year. During the fall months, you should increase the frequency of this maintenance to once a week.

Avoid Putting Heavy Items On The Turf

Placing heavy items on your turf can be extremely damaging to it. This is due to the fact that the weight of these items can damage the supports that hold the turf in place. For this reason, you should avoid parking on the turf or leaving heavy pieces of lawn furniture or grills on it for long periods of time. When the turf is installed, you can set areas where only pavement will be present, and this will allow you to use these items without damaging the turf or having to move heavy pieces of furniture each time.

Regularly Inspect The Turf For Signs Of Wear

A key advantage of having artificial turf installed is that it will greatly lower the amount of work that is needed to keep the property looking good. Yet, the turf will require some maintenance as it will still be exposed to potential wear and tear. This will often manifest in the form of sections of the turf coming loose or completely detached from the foundation. Furthermore, it may be possible for small tears to form in the turf. Typically, these issues will only occur after many years of being exposed to the elements, but you should still regularly inspect the turf for these issues. Whenever you find them, it is important to repair them as quickly as possible so that they do not spread.


19 January 2018

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