Two Options For Making A Splash Pad Even More Awesome


A splash pad is a good way to stay cool on hot days without the risks and responsibilities associated with a swimming pool. While people, especially kids, will find splash pads, like the ones sold by Kraftsman Play, fun all on their own, here are two things you can add to the area to make them even more useful and great.

Water Heater

Although splash pads are permanent fixtures, it may only be possible to use them for one season, depending on where you live. People who live in the southern hot states may get use of them year-round, but those who live in more temperate climates may only find they're appropriate for use during summer, when it's hot enough that people won't mind being sprayed with cold water. If you want to get more use out of the splash pad, consider adding a heater to warm up the water on cold days.

There are a couple of ways the heater can be incorporated into the splash pad. One way is to add solar panels that capture the sun's rays and convert into power to heat the water. This way is more environmentally friendly, since it doesn't depend on gas or oil. Additionally, it'll save money on your energy bill. However, you must place panels –and possibly the splash pad— in the south-facing area of the property because that's typically where you'll get the most sun.

Another option is to have a regular heater installed. This way is cheaper and faster, but you can expect to see the cost on your monthly electric bill rise. Talk to a contractor who can help you decide which option is best for you.

Add Lighting

A heating system ensures you're able to get some use out of the splash pad at least three, if not four, seasons out of the year. However, that's not the only way. You can also extract some value out of the system when it's not being used by turning it into an attraction, and this can be done by adding LED lights.

These lights are placed into the ground and operated by remote control. When activated, the lights make the splash pad look like it's shooting colored water around. Not only can this make the splash pad more fun to play around for kids, it makes a great light show during the evening, which makes it great for outdoor entertainment.

For more information about these options or to have a splash pad installed on your property, contact a local landscaper.


5 February 2018

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