Do You Really Need To Rake Your Lawn This Fall?


With autumn just around the corner, many people wonder if they really need to rake up all the leaves in their yard. The answer is yes — and no. Here is a look at your fall leaf and lawn care options.

Is Leaving the Leaves Bad for Your Grass?

Homeowners who have a lot of deciduous trees in their yard and neighborhood often find themselves with an abundance of leaves every autumn. If your yard is one of those where you can barely see the grass under a thick layer of leaves, it can damage your grass.

Your grass is a living plant, and like other plants, the blades of your grass needs sunshine for photosynthesis. The roots of your grass, which do not get sunshine, need oxygen from the soil. If the grass is covered in a thick layer of leaf litter, it will be smothered.

Leaving a heavy layer of autumn leaves on your grass can also lead to snow mold disease. In areas of the country that receive significant snowfall, leaving the autumn leaves rather than raking them up will hold extra moisture against your grass.

This can lead to snow mold disease, which is caused by a fungus. This fungus will cause unattractive white spots in your lawn once spring comes. While this condition will gradually correct itself as summer progresses and your lawn dries out, if having a lush green yard is important to, you will need to rake your leaves.

Your lawn can also be damaged by voles and other rodents if you don't rake your leaves. A lawn that has a thick layer of leaves provides additional insulation and coverage for rodents to tunnel under the leaf and snow layers and feed on your grass and the roots of other perennials. They will damage not only your lawn with holes and tunnels but can potentially kills your other landscaping plants.

What Are Your Leaf Control Options?

Homeowners have three options for dealing with autumn leaves. One option, of course, is to rake up all your leaves and either compost them or dispose of them. Most communities have programs in place where the leaves can be raked to the street and the city will pick them up or they have a drop off spot to bring them.

Another option is to use a lawn mower that has a bag attachment that removes both the lawn clippings as well as the leaves. Your last option is to mulch the leaves with your mower and simply leave the tiny pieces. You may need to mow a few times to chop the leaves small enough. Homeowners who are inundated with a lot of leaf fall each autumn can use a landscaping service if the task is overwhelming.


11 September 2019

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