5 Benefits Of A Concrete Patio


When determining the best material for your new patio, don't overlook concrete. There are many reasons why this can be the best option.

1. Quick Installation

Concrete patios can be installed in a couple of days, which is much quicker than building a deck or hauling and putting down paving blocks. The method is simple. The area is excavated and compacted, and then a sturdy base is installed. The concrete is poured over the base and leveled out. Then any decorative treatments are performed. Within a few days, the concrete is fully cured and ready to use.

2. Durable

As long as the concrete is installed correctly, the chances of damages to the patio are slim. The main cause of damage is poor base construction and ground settling, but this is less likely to be an issue on a smaller patio project. Concrete is otherwise highly resistant to weather damage, especially on a covered patio. You can also seal the concrete to make it more durable, as this keeps out water and prevents staining.

3. Easy Maintenance

Unlike wood decks that need to be sealed periodically, or pavers that may need the joints rebuilt each year, concrete is relatively maintenance-free. Sweep or hose it off periodically to remove surface grime. If it does become dirty or dingy-looking, you can quickly clean it off with a pressure washer. There's no need to constantly be treating or repairing it since the concrete is such as durable surface.

4. Customizable Shape

Concrete is one of the materials that is easiest to customize when it comes to the shape of the patio. There's no need to cut fancy curves in wood or try to trim paving stones to a curve. Concrete forms can be built quickly in any shape, even a perfect circle, and the concrete will take the shape of the form. This makes it much easier to fit a patio into your space or to opt for a shape other than a boring rectangle or square.

5. Design Options

You aren't stuck with boring gray when it comes to concrete. There are a variety of options when it comes to tinting or dying the concrete to your preferred color. You can also have the concrete stamped, which can give it the appearance of pavers, bricks, or cobblestones. It's even possible to have a design mural stamped in and dyed on the patio, which can be quite eye-catching.

Contact a concrete patio installation service for more information on designing your new patio.


26 May 2021

Understanding Landscaping Planning

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