Getting Your Property Prepared For A Gravel Delivery


Whether you intend to place gravel on your existing dirt driveway or use the stone to enhance your landscape, you likely plan to contact a gravel delivery service to bring the pieces to you. There are a few steps to take in advance of this delivery to ensure a successful drop-off.

Call The Service To Go Over Details

When you contact a gravel delivery service to set up a scheduled delivery date, there are a few questions to ask to ensure you are getting exactly what you need. Let the service know the intentions you have with the gravel, including the approximate land size where it will be utilized. The service worker you speak with will use this information to determine exactly how much gravel will be needed to fill in the spots where you are going to place it. This information is also necessary to decide which size truck is needed for the drop-off, as well as providing you with a total price for the product and the delivery service you need to pay. Call the service back the day before the scheduled delivery date to confirm the time of the drop-off.

Move Any Potential Hazards Out Of The Way

The delivery truck coming to your property will need enough room to drive the gravel to the spot where you would like it to rest. Before the delivery is made, walk the path where the truck will be driving to observe the ground for any ruts and fill them in before the truck arrives. Place a cone near any area where the truck driver may need to maneuver their vehicle around an unsafe area. Move any machinery, vehicles, yard equipment, sporting items, or other belongings far from the intended path. Place a tarp on the ground where you would like the gravel unloaded to help protect your land and to make it easy for the driver to target when dropping the stones.

Alert Others About The Gravel Delivery

If there are other people who will be upon your property at the time the gravel is to be delivered, it is wise to alert them in advance so they can be prepared for the truck's arrival. This way they can stay out of the way, or aid in directing the driver to the correct location where the gravel is to be placed. If you have pets or small children, keep them inside until the delivery has been accomplished.

For more information about gravel delivery, contact a landscaping service in your area such as LP Stewart & Sons Inc.


15 August 2022

Understanding Landscaping Planning

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